Strange, Ugly and Unnatural

Originally posted Friday, 16th October 2009

Of course, like many others, I am referring to Jan Moir. Star journalist of the Daily Mail! If you haven’t yet read the article she emitted from the darkest corner of the Daily Mail dungeons, allow me to summarise.

She speculates, without a scrap of evidence, that Stephen Gately’s tragic death was unnatural. She even goes on to contemplate that damaging habits could be to blame for his untimely death. The only damaging habit I’m noticing here Jan, is the ever increasing trend for unfounded and libellous journalism from your “wonderful” publication. Despite post-mortem and toxicity reports telling us that the death was of natural causes, she’s sticking to her guns. Being the great detective that she is, she sees things us mere mortal cannot perceive. Things like bogus stories and pixies.

Within minutes of the article being posted, thanks to the power of Twitter and other social networking sites, her words were being read in disbelief by thousands of unsuspecting net users. Now we all know that the Daily Mail has their own agenda and as a result the term Daily Mail reader has become a rather tawdry term. But this is a new low, even for them.

Now I was going to do a blog entry today about something vacuous, like having a fast lane on our pavements or why grapes are more expensive than wine. But fortunately, Jan Moir, has provided me with fodder of the highest calibre. And fodder is a rather appropriate word for her work.

The few minutes I spent reading her “editorial” are minutes of my life I will never get back, so Ms Moir’s list of crimes slowly grows. She has killed a little bit of my soul and any smidgen of empathy I have for Daily Mail journos. I despaired on reading the tripe that would not even grace the pages of gossip magazines alongside titles such as “a smurf eat my baby”.

Unfortunately for Robbie, Amy, Kate, Whitney and Britney, it seems as though they have been pencilled in for unusual deaths as well. Jan says that it’s not a ghoulish thing to anticipate this. Well perhaps its not if you happened to be the love child of Hitler and Stalin, but for most people, that seems improbable. Personally, and this is just me, predicting the unusual deaths of people I do not personally know, comes rather low on the list of things I plan to do. For me, it’s just above inhaling the Sahara desert through a straw and just below believing Scientology to be real.

Ironically, Jan Moir should probably add herself to that list of death by mysterious circumstances. Or get herself a crack team of bodyguards, because I have the feeling that a fair few people will not be happy having read the article.

Maybe we should pity Jan Moir. She has a dark soul and has no concept of love, kindness or journalistic integrity. Plus, with the power of Twitter and Stephen Fry behind us, come next week, she’ll likely be out of a job anyway.

Well, rant over. Thanks Jan, its good to write, isn’t it?

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