Wrong place, wrong time

If you find yourself at a loss for things to do today and have a spare minute, just open up YouTube and enter in the search bar “David Kiely”.

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing.

David Kiely is an Australian banker that became a YouTube sensation when he got caught looking at naughty pictures of an underwear model while at work. But it wasn’t just his boss who caught him. Unfortunately for David Kiely, his workstation happened to be in the background of a live interview, with his monitor in full view of the rolling television cameras.

At one point in the footage, you see him look over his shoulder at the camera in shock. I have named that the “Golden Moment” and I think you can freeze frame the exact split second the horror sinks in. Perhaps he was the victim of a practical joke. But that doesn’t explain why after looking at one small image, he goes onto to check out a larger and even more risqué image. Naughty boy!

The model in question, Miranda Kerr, will bear no grudge against David Kiely. Ever since the YouTube clip started circling the Internet, the number of Internet searches in her name has gone up by 100%. Conceivably this could have been a very well masterminded guerilla PR maneuver. And what a cunning plan for media exposure that would have been. But I feel it was more likely to have been a side shreddingly evil workplace prank. An Internet star is born.

Naturally in my drive for accuracy, I have made a few Google searches myself to confirm that this information is correct. And I can confirm, that Miranda Kerr is in fact, a model. And in case you were interested, she has size 8 (US) feet and she has done some exemplary work for Victoria’s Secret. Ahem.

As you may expect, David Kiely has some reasons to worry about the future of his job. That national TV footage caught him, very much, red handed. But fear not. A global campaign has been going to save his job and has already registered 1.3 million hits. Not to mention the numerous Facebook groups that have sprung up across the globe all doing their little bit. Even Miranda Kerr has pledged her name to the petition to save his job, which is particularly nice of her considering she’s just received tens of thousands of pounds in free publicity. Very nice indeed.

His employers Macquarie Group released a statement today announcing that Kiely’s job IS safe and that “action has been taken” following an internal enquiry but “that action” that will not be disclosed to the public. I’m guessing a parental filter on his computer. Just a guess.

3 responses to “Wrong place, wrong time

  1. Good to see the Aussies making fools of themselves again!
    Some advice for David, maybe buy a magazine in the future.

    Another piece of comedy gold, brought to our attention by Simon.

  2. ha ha! men are sooooo stupid! not content with looking atjust the small image, the guy has to increase it to full screen so we can all see clearly! His face is a picture and says it all – explain your way out of that one!!

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