It’s No Wonder

What’s the secret to the success of the BBC’s Wonders of the Solar System? I find myself watching it and I can just sit back in awe of what I’m being shown. Sure the production values are high and the computer-generated effects mixed with space exploration footage are a sight to behold, but this isn’t why the show has been such a hit.

Enter Professor Brian Cox. He is the star of the show, pun intended. His youthful energy and genuine passion for what he talks about truly comes across to the viewer. A serious science program can be such a tricky thing to do well. Think back at the kind of videos you watched in science lessons at school, now look at Wonders of the Solar System. Maybe we all would have paid a bit more attention in class if we had Professor Cox to guide us?

We’re so used to old stuffy professor “specialists” on these kind of shows, it’s a breath of fresh air to have Brian Cox guiding us around our solar system. But I’ve figured out the real key to his popularity other than his genuine infectious passion. Professor Brian Cox would not look out of place in a band like Blur. In fact, if I didn’t know otherwise, I would say he was Alex James’s, Blur’s bass guitarist’s, brother. He checks all the boxes. He’s young, cool, trendy and he loves what he does. It’s hard not to get carried away with him and its no wonder the series has been so successful. Here’s hoping the BBC commission another series for him because he’s made me want to learn.

3 responses to “It’s No Wonder

  1. Tell u what if he had been my teacher at school u would have paid more attention. He’s like a 6 year old at Christmas a bag of excitment and energy 🙂 hope BBC do a second lot and got to remember to set the sky

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