3D Movies, Coming to a Dimension Near You

3D used to be a rather uninteresting venture. I remember having those cardboard 3D glasses and looking at dinosaur magazines as a kid and it would just hurt my eyes. So just over a year ago when I heard that 3D was going to make a revival in the cinema, I duly scoffed at the notion. I imagined the same crappy 3D glasses and plenty of “should have gone to Specsavers” jokes.

Many years ago, I made my first trip to Universal studios in Florida and it was there I got my first glimpse of the potential in 3D films. I went to the T2 Terminator 3D movie attraction. Maybe it was because I was so young when I first saw it, but I was blown away. This was the proper, things coming out of the screen straight at you, kind of movie. I have since been back to Universal many times and the impact wasn’t quite the same. But to be fair, the attraction has been open since 1996, so I think it’s held up quite well.

So T2 3D was probably one of the original enterprising 3D experiences. This being the case, it probably won’t surprise you when I tell you who directed it. Of course it was Mr. James Cameron of Avatar fame. Anyone who has seen Avatar in its full 3D glory would Justifiably have been blown away. Not only by the Smurf basketball team taking up the starring roles, but the 3D experience was spectacular. I’ll admit the storyline was less than epic (somebody described it as Pocahontas in space), but when you got a visual 5-course meal, you don’t seem to mind. In fact the poor storyline bothered me so much that I went to see it a second time.

So 3D has made a triumphant revival with the Avatar movie, but are other directors embracing the technology? Admittedly the film cost about $280 million to make, but when the movie grossed well over a billion dollars, it looks like the risk paid off, literally. But what made Avatar such a delight to watch was it was a proper 3D film. From start to finish it was made to be a 3D movie.

I recently saw Clash of the Titans in 3D. I’ll say that it was a good film and I’d recommend others to see it. But I thought the 3D addition was pointless, ineffectual and did nothing other than add an extra few quid to my ticket. The fast action blurred and the depth of the film was not enhanced at all by the 3D effects. Worst of all, it gave me a headache trying to focus the image. A headache-inducing movie is not exactly the most promising sounding proposal.

So is 3D the future? From seeing Avatar, I would say yes. But it must be done right. There is talk of 3D televisions in development, there are new 3D cameras, football is now being broadcast in 3D and it wouldn’t surprise me if designer 3D eyewear was soon available in the shops. But for 3D to be successful, content must be planned to be in 3D from the inception of a project to the end. You cannot make something and then convert it into 3D; we have enough so called “3D” movies that have more than proved this point.

4 responses to “3D Movies, Coming to a Dimension Near You

  1. i would love to be able to watch a movie in 3D but have found they just make me sea sick. went to Futroscope in France and they have some of the biggest 3D cinemas in the world and after watching just one film i felt so ill that we had to sit for ages until i felt well enough to be able to stand up again

    • I remember going to Futuroscope in France! I couldn’t remember the name of the place until you mentioned it! I think the majority of 3D movies would probably have the same effect. But I wonder whether Avatar would make you sick had you got the chance to see it in the cinema. I think it was a completely new technology used to create the 3D effect.

  2. The same as you, I thought Avatar was stunning in 3D, but have not ever seen another film in it to compare.

    I have heard people refer to it as being the revival of the cinema and cynically I think you’re comment that it’s a great way to add a few quid to your ticket is perhaps more apt. But, I love going to the cinema and if it makes the cinema experience richer – why not.

    I’ve heard rumours of 3D TV, and in all honesty having yet to really get the HD thing, don’t see the appeal. It seems just another way to make you replace all your home entertainment equipment and your video oops I mean DVD collection 😉

  3. I recently bought a pair of glasses from a company called Illusion Eyewear. They are really comfortable designer 3D glasses. I suggest you check them out.. They are a little more expensive, at around $30, but they are high quality.. I thought they would actually be more since they are both sunglasses and 3D glasses. Looks like the future is upon us:)

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