When Brian May Strikes Back

This isn’t really as much of a blog, more like a naming and shaming. Recently a little row has sparked up between Queen guitarist Brian May and Leicestershire County Council leader David Parsons. It all comes down to a war of words regarding fox hunting. Brian May staunchly against and David Parsons defending “tradition” and then launching a personal attack on the Queen guitarist.

I got all of this information from Brian May’s website http://www.brianmay.com in the letters section. I’ll let the words do the talking. They say it all.

Councillor David Parsons wrote:

Queen guitarist Brian May may have jumped on the anti-hunting stage, but I fear people in rural communities are not going to take lectures from a cosseted London rock star on how the countryside should be run.
The Quorn Hunt and others like it are part of the fabric of our countryside tradition.

Many people who haven’t made millions from the music industry have traditionally relied on it to help their living, or in the case of farmers, defending their livestock.
This is a subject that needs to be debated by those who know about it, rather than a rock celebrity who has not chafed his hands on anything other than a guitar neck.

Councillor David Parsons, leader, Leicestershire County Council.

**Brian went on to reply**

Dear David,
I just read your attack on myself and my campaign against the repeal of the Hunting Act, in the local Leicester newspaper. News travels fast, these days
How dare you presume to judge me, and insult me? You don’t know anything about me, little man. A “cosseted London rock star”, am I? You have absolutely no idea about what it cost me to get where I am, or how chafed my hands are. I assume yours are chafed by the pen you push.

I live in the Country too, you ignorant man. I know exactly what I am talking about. And since I began this campaign, I have been deluged with letters from country people, including farmers, who regard the Hunt as a menace to their livestock, their pets, their property, and even their children. You are a disgrace to your office, and I hope the majority of the good people of Leicestershire will soon remove you from it. I’m glad to see some of them have already told you what an embarrassment you are. Countryside Tradition my arse. Oh! You are defending people’s livestock from the bad foxes, are you? What a brave man.”

Well, you’d better be as brave as your words, because if you ever come within sniffing distance of me I’ll have your guts for garters, you pathetic, arrogant, jumped-up, snivelling little dweeb.

Dr. Brian May, CBE.

Hats off to you Dr. Brian May, CBE. High profile figures can be seen as easy targets to help people make a statement and boost egos, but it’s good to see that it doesn’t always work out as they hoped. People need to realize that traditions can sometimes get outdated and eventually be considered barbaric. The Aztecs used to make human sacrifices to their gods. That was their tradition. I’m sure David Parsons would have defended the practice should he have been there. But sometimes you can’t really do much about this sort of ignorance. The only worry is, he’s in charge of Leicestershire. Maybe it’s time to get him out of power. Question is, where to put him from there? I’ll take any suggestions. I’m thinking maybe the Serengeti to see how he likes being hunted as a pride of lions make him their bitch.

2 responses to “When Brian May Strikes Back

  1. Oh that is brilliant! He stopped just short of “STFU you ignorant twat!” but the sentiment was all there – and deservedly so. That was a blatant personal attack by Parsons on someone who opposed him on an issue, and he felt he had the right because that person was a “celebrity.” Glad to see him called out for it, and May very effectively put him in his place. 🙂

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