It’s All Gone Kenneth Tong

If you have been online over the past week you may have heard this “gentleman’s” name mentioned. This morning I saw a disgruntled tweet mentioning someone called Kenneth Tong and out of passing curiosity I clicked his name to check out what had rattled my friend so.

I reached his profile and some of his messages not only hit a nerve, instead, tweet after moronic vapid tweet, he bludgeoned my poor nerves into submission leaving them in a vengeful twitching rage. He was promoting diet pills for something he called ‘managed anorexia’ and basically saying that if you aren’t skinny, you are not beautiful and probably hate yourself.

I’m all for free speech, it is the core of a thriving democracy, however if someone chooses to abuse this freedom of speech so flippantly to promote harmful agendas like “managed anorexia”, they instantly come under the category of an oxygen thief. The oxygen they consume could be used much better elsewhere, for instance collecting in a canister to spray at a tree stump to try and revive it.

It was at this point in writing my blog that Kenneth posted a little message saying that it had all been an elaborate hoax. Oh how we laughed. Or maybe we would have if what he had so flippantly done hadn’t already killed a little part of our souls. He went on to say that this had all come about as part of some kind of wager with his friend saying that you could not become famous within a week harnessing the power of the Internet alone.

Of course this man was already famous. Remember him off of Big Brother? Me neither; but a Google search of his name didn’t exactly paint him in the best light. With 17,000 Twitter followers to his name, this Big Brother drop out reportedly ripped off a charity at a fund raising night back in 2009 and left owing £1500, and at one point was at the centre of two sex probe investigations and was wearing a bulletproof vest because he feared for his life. After this latest stunt, I think he needs more than a bulletproof vest this time.

I have seen it all on Twitter. The outrage caused is understandable. People are frothing at their digital mouths in disgust at this publicity stunt. He now plans to give interviews, selling his story to newspapers and television chat shows so he can talk about this ‘social experiment’.

Allow me to enlighten you with a few of his comments he has made on Twitter:

“Curvy is another word for fat when used by you. Stop hiding behind such a broad word that does not apply to your context. You are just fat.”

“All you non size zero girls need to keep a food diary, noting everything you eat & drink – review it daily and see how imperfect you are.”

A real charmer on all accounts, or maybe some other c word, but I digress. He has proved a point though, you can go from nowhere like the nothing he is to fame (notoriety) in very little time flat. In his confession, he admits that he finds the concept of anorexia appalling and this in itself is why he chose the subject to run with. Now what is worse, knowingly doing this with full knowledge of the condition and its effects or doing this with the commodity of ignorance?

As we unfortunately know, a gunman recently achieved instant “fame” for a disgusting and deplorable act, killing six people in Arizona. Obtaining worldwide notoriety these days is frighteningly easy thanks to the Internet. So does this social experiment have even a modicum of validity? Not a jot.

“Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight and an obsessive fear of gaining weight, often coupled with a distorted self image. It is a serious mental illness with a high incidence of comorbidity and the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder”

He knowingly identified a condition that affects and destroys lives and used it as a platform to gain fame, for what that is worth.

Be careful what you wish for Kenneth, your storm in a teacup is going to bring you exactly what you deserve. And don’t you dare say that you did this in the name of science or exploration of human nature you vile, insipid creature. Thankfully your name will soon fade into the past as another memory, filed under the category “misguided moron”, but until that happens, you may be in for a rough ride.

A true achievement would have been to do something brilliant and awe inspiring, something that positively influences millions. Something that would be remembered and with the power of the Internet, it is possible, but unfortunately he chose a different route. The easy route.

What are you going to do with your fame now? On the plus side, you won your bet!

6 responses to “It’s All Gone Kenneth Tong

  1. WHATEVER. He punked out because he started to get death threats. NOW, he thinks that throwing money at eating disorder charities and apologizing will help.

    This was a HEINOUS criminal act. He took a very serious disease and made it a joke. If you don’t understand this horrible disease, please do not comment. …b/c you don’t understand why I’m upset. It takes a LOT to get me to cuss.

    I’m extremely upset, b/c my wife is dying from this s***. He should be held accountable, regardless of how much his sorry ass apologizes. There is NO excuse for this. This was a criminal act. Maybe we should start letting murderers free, because they said, “I’m sorry.”

  2. I am guessing Tong believes any publicity is better than none but I would be truly disgusted with any news agency or entertainment based show that would interview him. I say Blackball his ass 🙂 Take away the fame he seeks and then he will feel it so bad he may even starve himself to death (sorry in bad taste there!)

    Anorexia is serious and I’m glad you felt strongly enough to write this blog Simon 🙂 You did a good thing xx

  3. having suffered with (and still do) low self image, low self worth and an constant battle with weight myself since teenage years i found his comments belittling crass and a complete waste of time,

    he has caused so much damage that sorry is not enough. there are young girls and boys (they suffer too) out there who will have read his tweets and will be looking in the mirror thinking they are the size of an elephant (i know thats what i see even though other see differant) and will be skipping meals breakfast being the first to go and with in weeks (yep you heard me weeks) these once lovely lively and happy youngester are starving themself becouse some ass wipe on the net told them that anything over a size 0 is fat

    no amounts of sorry will be enough, this jackass did this just for the publicity pure and simple and every newspaper out there should stay well away although we know the tablods love this sort of crap,

    rant over
    xx michelle xx

    • Quite right, sorry is not enough. This guy is a deluded sociopath with no regard for people’s well being. This man has 17000 twitter followers to his name, he gained hundreds of young people with problems with self image who believed in what he said. The damage that he has done is so far beyond his comprehension.

      Anorexia has a high mortality rate and people could die because of the sentiments he posted on Twitter, yet he feels no responsibility or sympathy at all at exploiting a mental disorder.

      There is a very popular belief that this was no a hoax on his part and that he actually wanted to promote some sick diet pill, but did a U turn when everything got out of control.

      An added insult is him saying that as an apology, he will make a “large” donation to charity and auction off his “custom ipod nano watch” to raise money. He really believes that money will make things better. Very sad state of affairs indeed.

      • no amount of money can fix what he has done, he knew what he was doing after the limelight of big brother had worn off he was hungry for more and used the power of the net to get it

        big deal auction the ipod they only sell on ebay for £20 these days second hand

  4. This strikes me as a vile and vapid man. If I’m honest I’m tempted to go with the theory that he meant it and did a u-turn because he does strike as that much of an idiot.
    Anorexia is such an awful disease that anyone would use it for publicity purposes it deplorable.
    But as @blossom101 said there are so many vulnerable people out there & they are the real victims 😦
    But, for me it also shows how social media can blow things totally out of proportion, if he’d of been ignored for the fool he is he wouldn’t have got half the publicity.

    And @anonymous I’m so sorry to hear about your wife

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