Public Enemy Number One

You know when some kind of election is coming up when you come home and can’t open your door for the mountain of leaflets on the other side telling what you should be thinking and why all the other parties are idiots. Maybe we are lucky that our politicians don’t go as far to slander their opponents as they do in America where I once saw a TV campaign reminding voters that his opponent was suspected of sex crimes. Not found guilty, just accused, but anything to sully his reputation for personal gain in the polls.

No, our politicians don’t take this approach. Instead what the do is say what we want to hear and then when we give them power, do the opposite. Now welcome to the blog Public Enemy Number One, Nick Clegg.

In the run up to the general election, no one had even heard the name “Nick Clegg” despite having been the leader of the party for over two years. He was a complete unknown and surely no more likely to get into power than the Lemon Lover Cowbell Bonkers Party of Tiverton. Then the media circus began, he said the kind of things that resonated with the voters and Cleggmania took hold. The election swiftly passed and surely enough they got fewer seats than in the previous election. Still, he had made some wonderful promises that could create a really positive impact on our country in the likely event that a coalition government should be formed.

The Liberal Democrats have long been the choice for students, as they seemed to have their best interests at heart. However I think the position Clegg has put himself in (bending over on his hands and knees in front of Cameron), may have lost the student vote for the foreseeable future.

“I pledge to vote against any increase in (tuition) fees in the next parliament and to pressure the government to introduce a fairer alternative.”
– Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg must being banging his head repeatedly into his desk now as the government has effectively tripled the tuition fees for university, making it an impossible dream for some young people and simply saddling the rest with a debt that they will spend the rest of their working lives repaying. I think we can all agree that that is a fair policy, and by fair, I mean a knife in the back of every aspiring student in the country. In this one decision, Nick Clegg has become more unpopular than Gary Glitter and Raoul Moat combined, which is an impressive achievement in all fairness (of which he deserves none).

I’m not entirely sure if the Liberal Democrats have actually kept a promise yet, but seeing as they have as much power in this coalition government as an asthmatic leper with arthritis in the bits still attached, I don’t think it really matters. The Conservatives clearly see themselves as the ones in power, just with some work experience kids to carry the paper work about and make the tea. Why should they make any concessions for reasonable policies? Of course keeping in mind that the Conservatives did not win the election, they settled for a draw. Yet there they are, trying to take apart the NHS when it is proving itself to be at its most efficient in history, financially raping students and the future prospects of all the children of this country and making immigration statements that would make the BNP nod in agreement.

I can make some crude calculations here to guess the likelihood of the Lib Dem’s success in retaining that student vote. I myself went to university during a time when tuition fees were, a now paltry, £1050. Over the course of three years, including living costs of accommodation and staying alive, I left university with roughly an £11,000 debt to repay. Now, multiply that figure by nine and taking into account the general rate of inflation, students can be looking to leave university with just over £100,000 worth of debt. This is the sort of figure you could leave medical school with, not a degree in Golf Course Management of Media Studies. Good luck trying to buy a house!

Now using another very complicated equation, I can interpret these figures and relate them into a likelihood of success for the Lib Dems in the next election. Zero. Nada. Not a chance Cleggy.

And I believe these calculations to be very sensible and reliable. By my calculations, 562.7% more reliable than a Liberal Democrat’s promise.

3 responses to “Public Enemy Number One

  1. Different country same ignoramous pulling all the sheep behind them that vote for the party and not what the leaders represent!

  2. another brilliant blog Simon, its absolutely incredible that Clegg can even step outside his front door without being lynched after all his broken promises! I’ve checked it out and I’m pretty certain your calculations are correct!

  3. Yes the Liberal Democrats do not stand a chance at the next elections.
    But I think the new tuition fees are beyond appalling – it is endorsing and encouraging society’s young to get into debt to a phenomenal degree.
    Do we now already have a terrible debt problem and look where that got us?!
    I honestly think it will have huge impacts – you mention mortgages, but that will impact marriages, when people have children the wider social implications are far reaching.
    Either that or less and less people will be degree educated. Who would want £100k’s worth of debt?

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