Back on the bloggersphere

To be fair, I never really left. My attention got pulled in a different direction, namely being a columnist for The High Tea Cast. Please check it out, as you will find a wide range of articles and blogs on there. Ranging from my mad rambles to Do-it-yourself guides to music reviews and everything in between. It is also worth noting that they release a monthly podcast that I also make a cheeky contribution to. Subscribe to the podcast for some wonderful banter every month. I will be checking up to make sure you do at a later date.

I was lucky enough to be around at the start of The High Tea Cast and they are going from strength to strength and can gloatingly claim to have been there from the get go. But what I technically mean is, I am delighted to be riding on their star on its meteoric rise.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to post some of my old HTC blogs for your amusement and my self publicising purposes. But do not make that stop you from visiting the site and checking out the articles on there. I am but a cog in a well oiled machine (team of writers) and they are a talented bunch. Just click these highlighted words, these ones here to check out the awesomeness.

I will be starting to write my own blogs that will be exclusive to my site very soon. So keep your eyes peeled for those golden nuggets in the future. Not to mention, there will be a bit of a redesign to my site as I add a brand new page to flaunt my design portfolio to the interwebs. Please try to contain your excitement. Bottle that excitement. Then send your excitement to me in the post, preferably by courier (I like signing for things).

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